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Get on board...

The SPICE TRAIN has arrived!

We add a spicy jamu kick to 100% natural cold-pressed juices to create a healthy nutrient-packed complement to your daily diet.

Our jamu recipe is inspired by traditional Indonesian kunyit asam — a centuries-old immunity booster — but we’ve eliminated the sugar and upped the heat to create a potent spice base to our juices.

What is Jamu?

Jamu is Indonesian holistic herbal medicine.

It’s the name given to the hundreds of traditional herbal powders, pastes and potions used for centuries in Indonesia to treat a long list of ailments - from toothache to arthritis.

Some brands promise men virility and women perfect skin... we can’t promise either of these, but we can guarantee our juices are bursting with delicious natural goodness!

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The Roots

Ginger and turmeric are famous as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant heroes.

​Ginger has been used for centuries in herbal medicine. Its heating properties enhance flavour, improve digestion and fight off ailments like nausea and the common cold.

Turmeric has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. It contains curcumin, an anti-inflammatory believed to strengthen the body against diseases like arthritis and diabetes, as well as lower cholesterol, increase liver function and cleanse the blood. (#overachiever)

At Spice Train, we add the tang of tamarind and the fragrant zing of fresh lime and lemongrass, with red chilli and cracked black pepper completing the spicy punch.


It’s a powerful root sensation!

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This is how we juice it

What makes Spice Train Jamu Juice so special?

Our juices are cold-pressed without the use of chemicals or preservatives, to retain the essential nutrients from fruit and vegetables that are otherwise damaged by the heat of regular juicing. 

Once we’ve attained our nutrient-rich juice and blended it with our spicy jamu base, our bottles are put through high pressure processing which naturally preserves the contents and all their health benefits.


And that’s it! No preservatives, no sugar, just Jamu Juice.

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A cleaner planet

We're committed to increasing the sustainability of our business and reducing plastic pollution.

For every empty bottle you return to us we’ll refund you 50c, added as credit to your next order.

We'll make sure your bottle ends up in the recycle bin, not the ocean.



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